Allison Hsiao. / XX ____________.
Graphic designer @ LA, USA / Taipei, Taiwan.

Fragrances as Patterns
2020 (on Going)

︎︎︎Six custom made scents of fragrances. Based on the perfume notes and the characteristics of each scent, different styles or image-making of patterns are developed. 
︎More works available upon request 

Muah Macarons

︎“Muah” is the sound of kissing, which the form of macarons looks like the lip that's about to kiss. The project starting from making the patterns and apply it on to the packaging. The structure of the package which design to be functional and protective for the macarons, also as a delicate and visually tasty just like the charm of the macarons.

Awards | Adobe-ADAA & MAX Awards 2018 Semifinalist - Commercial Packaging ︎︎